It’s worth going out your way for !

lienLe Malt
Don’t miss this friendly pub, with its three rooms in a row , a long central bar and of course music till the cows come home.
rue de Montigny, 89, Charleroi. 071/300.339.
Open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays evening.

lienThe Irish Times Pub
A mighty craic-guaranteed ! A traditional Irish pub. Regular appearances by Irish artists.
bd Tirou, 86, Charleroi. 071/316.152.

lienLa Cour des Miracles
Choose from a wide selection of cocktails in this medieval decor with its relaxing ambience.
place de la Digue, 42, Charleroi. 071/302.271.

lienEl Gringo
Mexican atmosphere and exotic snacks.
bd J. Bertrand, 72, Charleroi. 071/303.770.

lienPrincesse Mathilde
This pub was inaugurated on the joyful wedding day of the most famous couple in Belgium.
bd Tirou, 49, Charleroi. 071/324.508.

lienCafé Leffe
Thema pub. A place to meet personalities from the world of Charleroi sport.
bd Joseph Tirou, 73, Charleroi. 071/332.845

lienLe Prince Baudouin
Place Albert 1e, 17, Charleroi. 071/313.492.

lienLe Luxembourg
Speciality of cocktails and Belgian beers.
rue du Pont Neuf, 41, Charleroi. 071/316.359.

lienL'Impasse Temps
This café was built on former fortifications dating from the period of French domination and offers a wide selection of cocktails. Enjoy the beautiful garden and glass roof.
rue de Dampremy, 61, Charleroi. 071/308.477.

lienLe Nautilus
During the week, it’s a quiet place but at the week-end, it becomes a crowded place where the music goes on and the temperature goes up. This place is for more than 30 years the meeting place for teenagers and adults
Rue de Montigny, 104, Charleroi

Rum bars

lienLe Corto
Housed in the old cellars of the Louis XIV fortress with decoration à la Hugo Pratt. Come and choose from over 40 types of rum, cocktails and beers to the sound of Cuban music, jazz ,...
rue de Montigny, 12, Charleroi. 071/320.232.
Closed on Sundays.

lienLa Sucrière
Bar in a Neoclassic-style building. Intimate ambience and candlelight. Groove to the rhythm of the Caribbean.
rue Charles Dupret, 13, Charleroi.
Open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays evening


lienLa cuve à bière
This pub, with its ’beer’ decor, offers 65 types of beer. Come and enjoy a rock concert every month.
bld Jacques Bertrand, 68, Charleroi.
Open every day from 11 am.

Drink and show

lienL'Echo des Chavannes
The decor is inspired by music and instruments. « rock-blues » concerts.
rue Chavannes, 3, Charleroi. 071/324.078.

Salsa atmosphere

lienLe Maracas
Av. de l'Europe, 102, Charleroi. 071/500.192.
Open every day.